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Charles Eisenstein is a philosopher and author of books e.g. on finding better ways for economy. In the interview he speaks about the basic problems with money and how we can find ways to solve them.

Jump directly to the following questions covered in this interview:

Q 1 –   How did you start thinking about money?
Q 2 –   Is your work on money-systems related to your personal experiences?
Q 3 –   What did you expect when you started your research and what do you think about your findings today?
Q 4 –   Do you see any positive effect of the financial-crisis of 2008?
Q 5 –   Do you think we will experience more financial crises in the future?
Q 6 –   Where do you see big obstacles for changing the financial system?
Q 7 –   Which practical projects do you consider capable of changing something in our economy?
Q 8 –   How likely is it, trying to make a living with work that you really enjoy?
Q 9 –   What would you tell people who feel helpless and ask, what they can do to make a change?
Q 10 – Does the monetary system hurt people? Do you have personal experience with systemic violence of the financial system?
Q 11 – How is scarcity of money artificially built into our system?
Q 12 – Regarding your children – what do you fear and what do you hope for?