Our monetary system is not given by natural law, but man-made. Hence, it is not without alternatives and can be reformed. While some of the mayor societal problems of our times can be attributed to our economics, we at monneta.org are intersted in the problems that arise specifically from the design of our monetary system. And, of course, we study the proposed solutions to those problems.


Here we have created brief introductory articles about the four main problems that arise from our current monetary system, and the four main categories of proposed solutions that we see.


Proposed Solutions:


You can start with any of the above and move throught the curriculum in any order. In the box at the bottom of each article you can track your progress and navigate to the other lessons.

After completion of the “Foundations” you can move on to our advanced course “Proposals for Monetary Reform“. It consists of 21 lessons about individual solutions. Once completed, one of our network experts will be available to you for an individual tutorial.