Stefan Brunnhuber combines a broad range of knowledge from very different disciplines, and put them all in service of creating transformative solutions, particularely to improve the world of money. He is an economist and psychiatrist, a member of the Club of Rome and a senator of the European Academy of Sciences. His main occupation is that of medical director of the Diakonie Clinic for Integrative Psychiatry and a university professor for psychology and sustainability, both in Mittweida, Germany. He has developed a concept for a digital parallel currency, specifically to finance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). His report for the World Academy of Art and Science has been published as a book under the following title:

Financing our Future – unveiling a parallel digital currency system to fund the SDGs and the Common Good (Palgrave 2021).
A video on the Financing our Future project can be found here.

Brunnhuber’s speech “Financing our Future” at the UN in Geneva can be seen on Youtube here.
The project is a practical development from the Club of Rome report “Money and Sustainability – from an outdated financial system to a monetary ecosystem” (2013), to which Brunnhuber contributed. Brunnhuber is a member of the Liberal Party in Germany and was a student of Ralf Dahrendorf.

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