Monneta strives for an open, democratic, humane and peaceful society for everyone with equal opportunity of income and wealth and the guarantee of participation in political decision making.

To promote these aims, we see the necessity for reform of the financial and economic systems. Such a reform would help to reduce the danger of social unrest, poverty, hunger, environmental destruction and the resulting wars around the world. These problems are essentially systemic problems and each individual shares responsibility for them.

Our values are:

  • Humanity, solidarity, just distribution of resources and freedom

  • Acceptance of diverse cultures and religions, open-mindedness and joy in cultural exchange

  • Respect for life and nature
  • Respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the German Constitution.

Thus we refrain from all forms of communication that:

  • Judge participants and beneficiaries of the existing financial and economic systems without including the systemic preconditions for their actions alongside their personal responsibility for their actions

  • Pursue witch hunts against people or groups as alleged perpetrators of systemic crises and injustice

  • Accept or actively promote historical revisionism, particularly denying or playing down the Holocaust

  • Promote or spread hostile attitudes to particular people or groups, for example in the form of ethnic or religious generalizations (racism, anti-semiticism, anti-Islamic statements, social Darwinism etc.)
  • Seek to manipulate through demagogic means or stereotypes and unprovable theories that cause fear and hysteria

  • Incite the use of violence.

Out of a sense of responsibility for the good of all people, we commit ourselves to a just financial and economic order based on scientific probity developed through participative processes.

The partners of the Money Network Alliance, 10 February 2013

You can download our statement of values in German as a PDF document (48 KB) here.