MONNETA shares knowledge about sustainable financial economy and complementary money systems and how this can contribute to the solution of social, economic and ecological problems.

MONNETA raises awareness about money as a tool for shaping society that people can play a part in (re)designing.

MONNETA supports educational activities that aim to use alternative money systems to overcome social polarization, poverty, unemployment and environmental destruction.

Overcoming economic illiteracy – MONNETA’s educational mission

The main aim of the MONNETA Foundation is education. Its educational goals are realized through:

  • Educating people about complementary money systems, social economy and sustainable financial economy for the solution of social, economic and ecological problems at the local, regional, national, and international levels

  • Organizing talks, seminars and discussion groups to spread knowledge

  • Forming and developing information networks
  • Developing ideas for educating and informing

  • Managing, publishing and archiving information (print, audio-visual etc.).

MONNETA publishes specialist works as well as general information and educational opportunities, mostly through its website. It runs its own specialist library including a videos, recommended literature and presentations. It also provides links to meetings and events, examples and initiatives, and an expert blog on the topics and issues of sustainable financial economy, complementary money systems and financial markets.

A summary of what where are about can be found on our flyer, which can be downloaded for dissemination here.