Heike Isenschmid works as a Financial Coach with freelance firms, institutions and individuals.

She worked as a consultant to two banks, Credit Suisse and UBS. Before that she worked worldwide over a 16 year period for large banks, including in leading positions such as IT Management. Through working with leading managers of large enterprises she has gained great knowledge of both the pressures and the financial priorities of companies and the financial markets. During her time at UBS she worked to create a network of entrepreneurs as well as lobbying for “social responsible investments”. Since 2007, in connection with the great challenges for the banks, she began to see the current global finance system differently. Together with a network of financial reformers she conceived a financial institution based on principles of sustainability, conservation of resources and ethics, currently in planning.
Heike supports several groups of financial reformers working on the causes of the finance crisis and the development of possible solutions. It is important to her that transparency and longterm sustainability are at the heart of new initiatives.
Heike Isenschmid is married with two sons and lives in Meilen / Zürich.
Heike can be contacted here: heike.isenschmid (at) fairshare-am.com