These seven videos have been created and published by the Positive Money Campaign, UK:

What is money?

We all use money, we all rely on money. But do we know how money works? Where does money come from?

 Inequality: Why are the rich getting richer?

Why do the rich just get richer and richer? Could it be that it has something to do with the fact that we have to rent our entire money supply from the banks that create it?

 Why is there so much Debt?

Individuals and families in the UK have a total of £1,170 billion of debt. But who did we borrow all this money from?

House Prices – Why are they so high?

Thought it was because there’s too many people and not enough houses? This  video explains why house prices are really so high…

10 Year Old Explains Where Money Comes From

Watch this to understand why  the government is trying to solve a debt crisis by encouraging people to borrow even more.

Could these 3 simple changes to banking fix the economy?

More stable economy, with more jobs, less personal and government debt… This video explains how 3 simple changes to the way that money and banking works would make all this (and much more) possible.

How to waste £375 billion

In the years following the financial crisis, the UK wasted £375bn on a failed scheme to stimulate the economy and end the recession. This was one of the biggest missed opportunities in history.