The Common Good Economy is both an Idea and a movement. The Common Good Economy Movement wants, through a democratic, participatory and transparent process, to establish an economic system in which the common good has the highest priority. Money and economy should be means to an end rather than ends in themselves.

Structure of the Common Good Economy Movement

Pioneer entrepreneurs, consultants, auditors, speakers and many others get together across national borders in thematic Activist Circles in order to learn from each other and to coordinate their activities. The following Activist Circles currently exist:

Speakers Editors Consultants Auditors ‘Pioneer Companies’ (pioneer companies that have produced a ‘common good audit’) Ambassadors Science and Research International Coordination Facilitators.

Groups of people, companies and communities that are committed to realizing the vision of a common good economy at the local and regional level organize themselves as Energy Fields. There are 80 such Energy Fields worldwide at the moment.

At the national level, activities are coordinated twice a year through an Energy Field Networking Meeting. The international movement meets once a year for a Delegates’ Assembly. In order to realize the movement’s call for each member to have a direct democratic voice, the representative Delegates’ Assembly will be complemented in future by an Online Parliament for all members. Individuals, companies, community organizations, local authorities and regions can register on the website as Supporters. More than 7000 people have so far made use of this service. The movement is carried forward by the voluntary commitment of many people and through financial contributions by Sponsors.

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