The Regional Currencies Association is a professional association for issuers of regional mediums of exchange, groups which audit regional currency issuance and promoters of the idea.

Members of the network commit themselves in their regional currency activities to the agreed statement of Values and Quality: Werten und Qualitätsprinzipien.

They exchange with each other, form networks, bring a new kind of sustainability into the money system and co-develop innovative regional finance systems in practice.

The network publicly demonstrates the idea of a many-levelled money system, member initiatives receive advice and the issuers of regional money are integrated into both networking and exchange.

The Association supports its members through:

Exchange and Networking

Mailinglist for network meetings

Development and Advice

REGIO Handbuch als Wissensspeicher (REGIO Handbook as Capturer of Knowledge)

Talks and Workshops

Expert advice

Information and Representation

Representing network partners at trade fairs and congresses
Themed presentations

Preparation of common information and training materials

Resources and Infrastructure

Mikrokredite durch ein Mikrokreditinstitut

(Microcredit through an Institute for Microcredit)

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