Good news for all who remember our late founder Margrit Kennedy: Her biography, written by Peter Krause, is now available in English – and of course its a valuable read for all who were not familiar with her before, too!



Based on interviews, and many autobiographic texts, the book covers all aspects of her life inlcuding but not limited to her leading role in the field of monetary reform. It portrais a gifted and versatile woman: Margrit Kennedy the archtect, ecologist, womens’ rights activist and trail-blazer for the recognition of compelmentary currencies. Her committment as a “monetary expert” was always founded on and sustained by her desire for social justice which turned her into one of the most convincing personalities of the ecological movement of the 20th century.

The book is available at bookshops or online from the website of the German print-on-demand publisher ePubli.