In 2012, a group of citizens interested in reform of the money system got together and founded the organization “Verein Monetative e.V.” in Berlin (Constitution). The organization demands a fundamental reform of the current monetary system. It sees the main problems as follows:

  • the Central Bank only issues cash money whilst money for cashless transactions (fiat money) is exclusively created by commercial banks
  • banks continually create new fiat money ‘from nothing’ when they pay non-banks, for instance when they create loans, sell securities etc.
  • instability and financial crises are inevitable
  • the state and its citizens have to pay for banking crashes.

Its proposed reforms include:

  • reinstatement of the state’s ‘seigniorage’ power to create money, accountable to an independent fourth estate, the ‘monetative’
  • a so-called ‘100 % money’ system and the end of money creation by commercial banks
  • bringing new money into circulation through public spending for the benefit of society.

The organisation ‘Monetative e.V.’ is affiliated with the International Money Reform Movement. At both national and European levels it pursues the goal of social and economic research into the functionings of the money and financial systems, in particular money creation in history, in the present and in possible future scenarios; it is also engaged in knowledge sharing and adult education on these topics. The organization and its members:

  • organize regular information evenings, discuss technical questions in internal workshops and hold annual conferences (see Schedule)
  • contribute to the general clarification of the functionings of the money system
  • publish a regular Newsletter
  • contact journalists, politicians and organizations interested in money reform
  • cooperate with similar money reform initiatives worldwide.

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