The politically independent Modernising Money Association (MoMo) and its board of prestigious advisors are committed to making the financial economy serve the real economy and the money system serve the needs of people. The association was founded in October 2011 and has the goal of stimulating a public discussion of the ‘100% money’ monetary reform proposals of  Joseph Huber and launching a  Peoples’ Campaign.

Goals of the initiative:

  1. Only the Central Bank should have the power to issue electronic money for loans in future
  2. Commercial banks should no longer be all0wed to create their own fiat money, only lend out money that is already in existence
  3. The Central Bank should normally bring new debt-free money into circulation by issuing it to local authorities and citizens.

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MoMo Verein Monetäre Modernisierung
Postfach 3160
CH-5430 Wettingen Switzerland



Infotelefon: +41 (0)44 586 69 94

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Main contact: Thomas Mayer

Other contacts:

MoMo Verein Monetäre Modernisierung

Tel. +41 (0)79 773 34 50

Mail: info (at)

Board members: Hansruedi Weber (Präsident), Werner Kallenberger (Vizepräsident), Daniel Meier (Kassier, Geschäftsführung)