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Q 1 – Where does money come from?
Q 2 – Is money neutral?
Q 3 – Why is money scarce?
Q 4 – Can this monetary system work sustainably?
Q 5 – Does the financial system need growth?
Q 6 – Why are you interested in monetary-systems?
Q 7 – Do we have just one monetary system at the moment? Like a monopoly?
Q 8 – What would you propose regarding the monetary system?
Q 9 – Are there alternatives to the current monetary system?
Q 10 – Why is there this speechlessness about money-topics?
Q 11a – What kind of behaviour does our money-system create between people?
Q 11b – Does the scarcity of money harm only the poor people?
Q 11c – What does money do to people and their relationships?
Q 12 – How did you discover complementary currencies?
Q 13 – Did the knowledge of complementary currencies effect your life?
Q 14 – What do you think your co-author Margrit Kennedy achieved in regard to monetary systems?
Q 15 – Are there changes to this financial system?
Q 16 – What do you think about internet-based currencies like Bitcoin and the new technology Blockchain?
Q 17 – You observed the global financial development for decades. What do you conclude from your experience?
Q 18 – Where do you see practical progress concerning complementary currencies?
Q 19 – What would you propose for countries which are in Euro-crisis like Greece?
Q 20 – If you were in power, what would you do?
Q 21 – What do you think about the Euro?
Q 22 – For which task do we need the Euro?
Q 23 – Could a currency have influence on the question of war or peace?
Q 24 – Are there “currency-wars” or wars because of currencies?
Q 25 – Does the money-system polarize?
Q 26 – Can a national lead-currency deprive other currencies and nations?
Q 27 – What is the motivation for your work?
Q 28 – Do you like to give a message to the next generation?