Fairventure is „an initiative and a network for ‘cultural-creative’ people to come together undogmatically and learn about each other“.

The goal of Fairventure is to create an overview of the commonalities between various disciplines and specialisms and make them visible. The idea of Fairventure was substantially inspired by the ideas of Paul Hawken, who described the worldwide movement for change as the “immune system of the earth”. If one takes this image seriously, illuminating new perspectives emerge. Successful companies see themselves as “chaordic organizations” and the Open Source Movement is based on a similar understanding of cooperation and joint working: organisms and life are not just simple metaphors when used outside the fields of biology and medicine but are concepts that also describe facts in social and economic fields.

Fairventure congresses and conferences are organized through a voluntary organization. Ticket sales contribute to covering costs. Participants may pay a reduced entrance fee and in some cases receive a small fee for their contribution.

The first conference took place in Leipzig in 2012. Conferences then followed in Langenberg 2013, Berlin 2014, Stuttgart and Steyerberg 2015.

Other activities include economics courses for school students and young people (link to MONNETA courses).