We need to find answers to this question and reflect on the changes needed for a more sustainable and socially responsible finance sector – but opportunities to do this in educational settings are rare.
Therefore we developed this course and set up a partnership between the  Institute for Social Banking, the educational training centre Alanus Werkhaus and Alanus University. All of them have a passion and long experience in education and research for socially responsible finance.

You are:

  • …a professional in banking or finance who wants to acquire and deepen your knowledge and competency in responsible banking practice, and to understand finance as a service to people and the real economy.
  • …a professional who designs and manages processes of dialogue and change.
  • …involved in transformative processes and would like to reflect and discuss monetary aspects of transformation.

You want to:

  • develop and advance self-awareness, values based communication and management capacities in order to manage challenges and change on personal and organisational level
  • deepen knowledge, explore and reflect on the backgrounds, developments and the future of socially responsible banking and finance from multiple perspectives
  • learn about and practice values based dialogue and decision making processes
  • further develop your personal and cultural skills
  • become part of a network of experts/change makers across socially responsible banking and finance


  • 19-23 September 2016Module 1 “Money and Society”  and
  • 20-24 March 2017  Module 2 “Socially Responsible Management in Banking and Finance”

at the educational training centre Alanus Werkhaus, Johannishof, 53347 Alfter, Germany near Bonn. For more information and/or registration please get in contact with or