Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Brodbeck (born 1948) is an economist, engineer, business ethicist, philosopher and creativity researcher. He was Professor of Economics, Statistics and Creative Technology at the Technical University of Würzburg and at the Technical University for Politics in Munich. He has published many books and articles on economics, financial science, money, philosophy and creativity. Beyond this he is a well-known Buddhist who argues for a fundamental shift in the values of business and society towards business with ethics.

A selection of his main writings in German language:

  • Die Herrschaft des Geldes – Geschichte und Systematik 2. Auflage Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft (WBG), Darmstadt 2012
  • Die fragwürdigen Grundlagen der Ökonomie – Eine philosophische Kritik der moderenen Wirtschaftswissenschaften 5. Auflage WBG, Darmstadt 2011
  • Buddhistische Wirtschaftsethik. Eine vergleichende Einführung. 2. Auflage Verlag Steinrich, Berlin 2011

Karl-Heinz Brodbeck has been interviewed by the media many times and gives talks, which can be found on Vimeo.

Web Links: Video Talk by Karl-Heinz Brodbeck at the Money Summit of the GLS Bank Foundation on 01.05.2014: Wie Geld unser Denken bestimmt und verändert“

Video: Banken- Wirtschaftskrise aus buddhistischer Sicht:  

Video: Geld: Die große Illusion  

Website of Karl-Heinz Brodbeck   Karl-Heinz Brodbeck lives in Munich and may be reached at this address: Brodbeck(at)

Stefan Brunnhuber is an economist, psychiatrist, a member of the Club of Rome and senator of the European Academy of Sciences. He is the medical director of the Diakonie-Klinik of Intergrative Psychatry in Dresden and Professor for Psychology and Sustainability at the University of Mittweida in Germany.

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Niko Paech teaches at University of Siegen in Germany as part on their PluralistEconomics degree. He is an expert in Ecological Economics, Climate Change, Sustainable Consumption, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Sustainability Communication, Diffusion Theory, Innovation Management and Post-Growth Economics.

More about his person, and his contact details, can be found at his personal profile on the website of the  University of Siegen.

Ludwig Schuster, born 1975, is a project manager, consultant and speaker for sustainable development as well as an expert on complementary currencies and alternative money systems. He currently works in the ‘sinnwerkstatt Medienagentur GmbH’ in Berlin as a strategic consultant for eco-social enterprises. He has been advising start-up complementary currency systems in Germany and Europe for many years. He is engaged in the movement for the Common Good Economy and was a member of the Advisory Board of the German Regional Currencies Association.

Ludwig was a co-founder and coordinator of the Research Group for Sustainable Money – Wissenschaftlichen Arbeitsgruppe Nachhaltiges Geld -and researches the monetary causes of the ‘growth imperative’ and potential monetary and political approaches for a sustainable economy.

Publications and articles:

More information on Ludwig Schuster here.