As a management consultant, Otmar Donnenberg war familiar with organizational development in the health and industrial sectors, through projects in the Netherlands (where he lived for 35 years), in Germany and in Austria. In his coaching for change – both personal and organizational coaching – he concentrated on learning strategies for change.

Otmar Donnenberg died on the 10th of August 2019. Our obituary here (in German).

He was an expert and trainer for Sociocracy and Action Learning, was engaged in the Transition Movement and the Economy for the Common Good Movement and had been involved with complementary currencies for many years. He founded the regional currency „Dreyecker“ in his chosen home of Weil am Rhein.


  • Contribution to the book Lernen für Bürgergeld und Regionalentwicklung, in: Anders: Komplementärwährungen, Berlin 2010
  • Interview …Organisationen zu gestalten, in: Anfangen, es anders zu machen, Berlin 2010

More information about Otmar Donnenberg can be found on his website.