Heinz-Ulrich Eisner (born 1964) has had a varied career as an art therapist, a carpenter, a complementary therapist and Certified Rolfer®. He lives with his partner and son in an intentional community in Kassel, „Villa Locomuna” (www.villa-locomuna.de), which they helped co-found. He is currently a freelance body therapist and co-owner of the firm TrackCase.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, he has been concerned with the topic of money. He is a co-initiator of the regional currency BürgerBlüte in Kassel (www.buergerbluete.de) and campaigns for new approaches to the creation of a sustainable money system. One of his innovative ideas is the ‘Kubik’, a ‘water-backed’ complementary currency based on local water supplies.

Heinz-Ulrich Eisner may be contacted here: hueisner (at) web.de