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Von der unaufhörlichen Finanzkrise zu nachhaltigen Geldsystemen: Welche Möglichkeiten gibt es die regionale Wirtschaft zu stabilisieren und zu stärken? Wie können Gemeinden und Gemeinschaften durch komplementäre Geldsysteme, wie Regionalwährungen, Tauschringe und Zeitkonten unabhängiger von der globalen Finanzwirtschaft werden?

Podiumsdiskussion mit den Geld-Experten Prof. Harald Spehl und Christian Gelleri
Moderation Kathrin Latsch

Samstag, den 17. Januar 2015 um 19.30 Uhr im Lebensgarten in Steyerberg

Vom 27. bis 29. Mai findet der G7-Finanzministergipfel in Dresden statt. Parallel gibt es einen Bürger-Gipfel, der sich mit dem Finanz- und Geldsystem und seinen Auswirkungen befasst. Verschiedene Gruppen organisieren über die Tage verstreut Vorträge, Workshops und andere Formate.


Christian Kreiß was an investment banker for seven years before becoming professor for finance at Aalen University in 2002. Today he is strongly committed to change our economic system which – in his eyes – is not only unfair but also unsustainable. He supports a more social and sustainable financial system, pleads for more durable goods by abolishing planned obsolescence, promotes free science and higher education by removing corporate corruption of universities and is campaigning for a world without commercial advertising. He is giving many public presentations, has been often on TV and radio and published four non-mainstream books on the above mentioned subjects since 2013.

This TED talk shows how our existing property rights system necessarily triggers rising rent payments, thus creating rising inequality of wealth and income. The increasing money flows are used by the rich to invest in all kinds of fixed assets. But mass incomes lag behind. So overcapacities are created, a wedge is formed between offer and demand: a bubble forms and an inevitable bust follows. This is where the world economy now is heading for: Sooner or later we will see a very deep recession if not worse. We could avoid a coming depression by quite simple political measures: by reducing inequality that has built up during the last 35 years.

Link zu Veranstaltung

Eine Veranstaltung von Gelddebatten.ch

– Gelddebatten klärt auf und vermittelt Wissen über Geld und das Finanzsystem; bietet Einblicke in bestehende und alternative Geldkreisläufe; schafft eine Plattform, um Themen zu erkunden und zu vertiefen; organisiert Diskussionen und Filmanlässe.

Auf dem Podium diskutieren diesmal Marc Chesney, Direktor Institut für Banking und Finance der Uni Zürich; Kathrin Latsch, Geschäftsführerin des Finanz-Kompetenzzentrums Monneta; Claudio Gisler, Spezialist für Trends in der Finanzindustrie und Direktionsmitglied der WIR Bank; Robert Urs Vogler, Historiker. Moderation: Fred Frohofer, Verein GeldDebatten.

Eintritt frei, mehr Informationen unter Gelddebatten.ch

The advent of the financial crisis caused economists, politicians and citizens to question the legitimacy of a debt-based money system and highlighted the need to reassess our beliefs about the nature of money and the workings of the banking sector.

Today, with a new financial crisis on the horizon, the need to understand and rethink money and banking seems more important than ever. In line with an increasing number of politicians and economists, we acknowledge the urgency of understanding the deficiencies of the current money system and the need to examine monetary reforms and alternative forms of money as means to create a more stable and sustainable future.

On this basis, Gode Penge and IMMR will gather international experts on March 21 2020 to assess and discuss advantages and disadvantages of various monetary reforms and new forms of money with the further aim of examining how a sustainable money system could be designed in today’s digitized and globalized world.

The speakers of the conference are:
– Prof. Dr. Thomas Mayer (Ex-Chief Economist of Deutsche Bank)
– Miguel Fernandez Angel Ordonez (Ex-President of the Spanish Central bank)
– Prof. Steve Keen (University College London)
– Prof. Michael Hudson (University of Missouri-Kansas City)
– Svein Harald Øygard (Former Central Bank Governor of Iceland and former Deputy Minister of Finance in Norway)
– Prof. Dr. Fabian Schär (University of Basel)
– Prof. Joseph Huber (Monetative)
– Prof. Ole Bjerg (Copenhagen Business School)
– Prof. Mary Mellor (University of Northumbria)
– Jón Helgi Egilsson (Monerium)
– Edgar Wortmann (lawyer and member of OnsGeld)
– Prof. Dr. Martijn Van Der Linden (The Hague University)
– Leander Bindewald (Ph.D. in economics and member of Monneta)

Attendance is free of charge. Book your ticket now on https://www.eventbrite.com/e/future-of-money-private-vs-sovereign-currencies-tickets-89462315193

For further information please visit our website: https://futureofmoney2020.godepenge.dk/

For discount on selected hotels in Copenhagen or any other inquiries you are more than welcome to contact us via conference2020@godepenge.dk