The money system was created by humans. It is not true that there are no alternatives. The system can be reformed. There is not just one possible solution to the many problems in the financial economy. On the contrary, we believe that a variety of solutions is the key. We divide those monetary solutions known to us into the following categories:

Currency diversity and complementary money systems
Interest-free money

State-created money 
Other reform proposals

Presentation slides can be downloaded here.

Three common Misconceptions
Three threatening Results
Three possible Solutions

In this 2013 presentation late Prof Margrit Kennedy describes three misconceptions most people hold about money; the results of these misconceptions, and thirdly offers three possible solutions in terms of monetary innovations. What is money? Let’s take the good news first. Money is one of the most ingenious inventions of humankind. It helps the exchange of goods and services and overcomes the limitations of barter, thereby creating the possibility of specialization, which is the basis of civilization. Why then do we have a money problem?

Slides of the presentation can be downloaded here, a transcript here.