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University of Bahia, Salvador (Brazil)

More infos: http://socialcurrency.sciencesconf.org/

Research Conference “Monetary  Institutionalism in the French Speaking World: Past  Record, Future Prospects  and  International Perspectives”

1-­3  June  2016, Lyon –

Hosted by Triangle, LEDi,  CLERSE  und IRISSO Forschungs Zentren

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The Summer School Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems (Vienna, July 27 – August 14, 2016, 5 ECTS, completely in English) is open to students of all fields and offers alternatives to the processes that are putting strains on our economic and eco-social boundaries. In addition to classic and new concepts from the field of economics, students will also hear presentations from natural and social sciences and discuss the actual leeway for economic and monetary reform.

Between 1970 and 2007 alone, the world saw 425 systemic economic crises, among them 145 sector-wide banking crises. In the light of current political and social events one might start to wonder whether this apparently inherent instability might ever be reduced, even if there is sufficient public intent. Yet, at the same time, the global effects of population growth, resource exploitation and environmental degradation force us to think about long-term change. This leaves the question: What is the actual leeway? If you have been asking yourself how things could be changed and how to contribute, you might be interested in this academic summer program

More information and registration on their website: http://summer-university.net/study-abroad/aems-vienna/

Reports from the last years can be found at www.summer-university.net/study-abroad/aems-vienna/aemsprogram/.

This free online course by the University of Cumbria will enable you to understand the past, present and future role of money in society. The 4th cohort starts 21st August 2016 and lasts 4 weeks. This course runs in English only.

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Budapest will host the 5th International Degrowth Conference at Corvinus University (30 August – 3 September 2016). read more

When commercial banks issue loans to customers, they create money by issuing deposits on the current account of the customer. Proposals for adoption of alternative systems, where a central bank would issue new money, such as the Sovereign Money (SM) system, have gained momentum in recent years.
Commissioned by Iceland’s Prime Minister’s Office, KPMG has laid out the fundamentals of the SM system and conducted a review of public discussions, political coverage and field of academics over the last years.

The conference
— Opening: Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson, Prime Minister of Iceland
— Mar Gudmundsson, Governor of the Central Bank of Iceland
— Martin Wolf, Chief Economics commentator at The Financial Times
— Sigurvin Bardur Sigurjonsson, Manager at KPMG Iceland, presents the report
The conference will conclude with panel discussions with the speakers and Frosti Sigurjónsson, MP and head of Althingi’s committee of economics and trade and Ásgeir Jónsson, Assistant Professor and Chair of the Economic Department, University of Iceland.

Registration and further information
Attendance is free of charge and the conference will be streamed online at:
If you’d like to attend the conference please register through email to Johanna Kristin
For other queries, please contact Sigurvin (sbsigurjonsson@kpmg.is).
We encourage you to tweet about the conference at #MoneyIssuance.

On Monday the 5 th  of September at 8:30, the Icelandic Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and KPMG Iceland will jointly hold the conference. The conference will be held at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura, Nautholsvegur, Reykjavík.

We need to find answers to this question and reflect on the changes needed for a more sustainable and socially responsible finance sector – but opportunities to do this in educational settings are rare.
Therefore we developed this course and set up a partnership between the  Institute for Social Banking, the educational training centre Alanus Werkhaus and Alanus University. All of them have a passion and long experience in education and research for socially responsible finance.

You are:

  • …a professional in banking or finance who wants to acquire and deepen your knowledge and competency in responsible banking practice, and to understand finance as a service to people and the real economy.
  • …a professional who designs and manages processes of dialogue and change.
  • …involved in transformative processes and would like to reflect and discuss monetary aspects of transformation.

You want to:

  • develop and advance self-awareness, values based communication and management capacities in order to manage challenges and change on personal and organisational level
  • deepen knowledge, explore and reflect on the backgrounds, developments and the future of socially responsible banking and finance from multiple perspectives
  • learn about and practice values based dialogue and decision making processes
  • further develop your personal and cultural skills
  • become part of a network of experts/change makers across socially responsible banking and finance


  • 19-23 September 2016Module 1 “Money and Society”  and
  • 20-24 March 2017  Module 2 “Socially Responsible Management in Banking and Finance”

at the educational training centre Alanus Werkhaus, Johannishof, 53347 Alfter, Germany near Bonn. For more information and/or registration please get in contact with or

During this event of the EU Social Innovation Week implementation-experts, local politicians, innovative leaders and leading scientists will elaborate on a variety of community currencies from all over the world: why choose a CC as instrument, what choices were made and what pitfalls where avoided, how does it work in real life and most of all: what are the measurable effects?

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The Digipay4Growth EU Projekt with prominent partners amongst complementary currency innovators and public sector ran from 2014 to end of 2016. Results and experiences will be presented at this event in Vienna. Registration and more info here.

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NESI Global Forum “New Economy and Social Innovation”, to be held on 19-22 April in Málaga (Spain) is a meeting place for people and organisations working to create a more sustainable, fair, collaborative and people-oriented New Economy.

Professionals and citizens are calling to participate in this “Call for Proposals” open for those who want to share their good practices and/or solve a challenge through a collaborative process.


Good practices to be replicated:
Real good practices or positive experiences implemented by the applicants in any of the four main tracks of NESI.

Collaborative challenges:
Challenge/opportunity/goal that either businesses /NGOs/social movements or governments are facing. They must be framed under any of the 4 main tracks.

Any person, organisation, business, NGO, government as well as academic and research centres with some

innovative story/experience to tell or challenge to face can send a proposal.

The deadline of this call for proposals finishes at 5pm 10th January 2017

Opportunity to present your proposal during the Global Forum NESI.
One Free ticket for each speaker to the Global Forum NESI and 3 more tickets with special discount. (accommodation is not included)
Promotion of your project through NESI international networks.

Any questions, please contact programme@neweconomyforum.org

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Link to the event’s webpage